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Omerta – City of Gangsters Xbox 360 Demo and Upcoming Fixes

The Xbox 360 demo is available, here:
Haemimont, the developers of Omerta, have been listening to community feedback, and are currently working on a significant update that’ll hit within 4-8 weeks. I definitely found some faults with my time with the game in our review.
Upcoming Fixes:
  • New maps for multiplayer and sandbox modes
  • Enemy gangs for Sandbox Mode – you’ll now have to fend of gangs that invade your turf and try to steal businesses out from under you
  • Customizable game settings and goals for sandbox games
  • Economy overview panel for current businesses with their efficiency, profit, ect.
  • Visual representation of individual business types on the strategic map via icons
  • Additional difficulty setting and “Iron Man” option (saving progress in strategic mode disabled)
  • Massive overhaul of cover mechanics in turn-based combat
  • Introduction of multiplayer chat and several other minor fixes/changes

You can read the full changes here: