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Art of War Expansion for Europa Universalis IV comes out on October 30


Paradox Interactive today announced that Art of War, the newest and largest expansion for the award-winning grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, will be available worldwide on October 30, 2014. This, the fourth expansion to be released for Europa Universalis IV, adds a vast array of changes to the game at the fundamental level, including a dramatic overhaul to the game map itself.

“I reply that since war is not a job at which any man can make an honorable living, it should be left entirely in the hands of princes or governors.” – Machiavelli, Art of War, Book I.

Art of War features include:

– Revamped Papal election and curia system
– Religious leagues In totally redone Reformation structure, to encourage religious conflict
– Hundreds of new provinces and dozens of new nations throughout game history
– New revolt system that traces general unrest
– Greater flexibility in managing and sharing fleets
– The creation of client states as a new form of subject ally
– Army construction template for easy rebuilding of destroyed forces

Inspired by the passion and tragedy of the Thirty Years War, Art of War brings the military aspects of Europa Universalis IV into high relief. New challenges await your empire, but new opportunities as well. If you are starved for manpower, why not turn your vassal into a March, and use its soldiers to buttress your own? Force the Holy Roman Empire to convert to Protestantism and undo centuries of tradition.