Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Review

Mar 09, 2015

The fifth expansion to Europa Universalis IV comes El Dorado, an essential expansion. This is not a statement about how it should have been included in the original release, but rather, it adds so much to the game that you didn’t know you wanted. The new nations and nation designer become pleasant surprises that will demand so much of your time.

El Dorado Expansion comes to Europa Universalis IV on February 26th

Feb 18, 2015

Set sail for adventure, guarding treasure fleets and unlocking the secrets of the Amazon. Sacrifice vassal kings to angry gods to stave off Doomsday. Or, stand outside history, and create a new nation from scratch. More wonders of alternate history are coming very soon.

Europa Universalis IV Expansion explores the abundance of gold with El Dorado

Jan 20, 2015

Legends tell of a great city deep in the jungle. It is rich in all the pleasures of mankind, and is so full of gold that the residents count this metal as nothing. The daring explorer that finds this city will bring glory to his king – and infinite riches to his pocket. Now Paradox Development Studio brings the adventure and politics of the Spanish conquest to life with the El Dorado expansion for Europa Universalis IV.

Art of War Expansion for Europa Universalis IV comes out on October 30

Oct 10, 2014

Paradox Interactive today announced that Art of War, the newest and largest expansion for the award-winning grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, will be available worldwide on October 30, 2014. This, the fourth expansion to be released for Europa Universalis IV, adds a vast array of changes to the game at the fundamental level, including a dramatic overhaul to the game map itself.

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations Review

Jun 09, 2014

Historical accuracy is something that Europa Universalis IV is driven by. One of the ways the base game faltered (which was noted in the review), was the way the trade system was severely lacking and kind of superficial in the ways that it didn’t go as deep as it should have, evidenced by the lack of a tutorial. Paradox Development Studio has done more than augment an overhauled trade economy, they’ve given new avenues for a new type of economic power without bringing about war.

Conquest of Paradise Expansion Now Available for Europa Universalis IV

Jan 14, 2014

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and planter of flags, today released “Conquest of Paradise,” the first expansion to award-winning empire-building game Europa Universalis IV created by Paradox Development StudioAvailable now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Conquest of Paradise provides players of Paradox’s celebrated strategy game with an all-new set of challenges, sending them to the New World during the age of exploration.

Europa Universalis IV Review

Nov 22, 2013

As someone relatively new to Paradox strategy titles, Europa Universalis IV thoroughly challenged me. I can say that while the learning curve is extremely high, there’s a want to keep trying. And try I did, and much of anything, spending more time with the game allowed me a better understanding of the core mechanics, but not after watching YouTube Let’s Plays and looking at Wiki’s.