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May 11, 2017

Battlezone releases onto PC / Steam

BATTLEZONE¬ģ¬†is available NOW¬†on Steam and the Oculus Store, bringing VR’s most complete gaming experience to PC for the first time ever! And to¬†celebrate its release on PC,¬†

BATTLEZONE¬ģ¬†will be 15% OFF¬†during¬†launch week!

Delivering intense first-person tank combat, massive replayability and thrilling four-player co-op,¬†BATTLEZONE¬ģ¬†is a¬†VR gaming experience like no other.¬†

Optimized for Oculus Rift &¬†HTC Vive, and featuring all of the additional content and improvements that came to the PlayStation VR version, BATTLEZONE¬ģ¬†on PC adds exclusive features including¬†ultra-high resolution textures, customizable super-sampling, higher resolution shadow maps and Oculus Touch compatibility.

Built from the ground up for VR, Rebellion’s widely¬†acclaimed¬†reboot put you right in the cockpit of the galaxy’s most powerful tank. You and your teammates must take on legions¬†of ferocious cyber-enemies across expansive neon landscapes, forging your path across a procedurally generated campaign to the epic finale!