Jul 12, 2017

Sniper Elite 4’s Next DLC, “Deathstorm Part 3” deploys July 18th

From Press Release:

The final chapter of DEATHSTORM, SNIPER ELITE®4’s thrilling mini-campaign, launches July 18th 2017 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. 

DEATHSTORM PART 3: OBLITERATION is the main course in a veritable feast of brand new SNIPER ELITE®4 content! Also coming to the game on July 18th is the LOCK AND LOAD pack featuring three new weapons.

And that’s on top of tons of FREE extras, including the new AUTHENTIC PLUS difficulty mode, the new “Facility” map for Survival mode and the new “Bunker” map for competitive multiplayer.

DEATHSTORM PART 3: OBLITERATION is the final chapter in a new three-part campaign for SNIPER ELITE® 4, taking fans back to World War 2 Germany for the first time since SNIPER ELITE® V2 in 2012.

It’s in the Bavarian town of Steigerloch, in the heartland of Germany, where the abominable nuclear project known as Deathstorm is being researched. A heavily guarded underground complex is rumoured to lie hidden beneath the sleepy town’s hilltop church, with suspicious vehicle activity suggesting the Nazis are planning something big – and soon. Elite agent Karl Fairburne must draw on all his skills to neutralize the facility and bring Deathstorm down, once and for all.

DEATHSTORM PART 3: OBLITERATION is out July 18th. As a bonus, players who purchase it will also unlock six new Axis characters to use in multiplayer!

Agents can also bolster their arsenals with the new LOCK AND LOAD expansion pack, delivering the firepower of the SVT, M30 Drilling and Mauser M712.

The new content doesn’t end there! The free AUTHENTIC PLUS difficulty will also be available starting July 18th, featuring relentless enemies and even fewer display aids. It’ll be a Herculean challenge, and players who are up to it will find two new trophies and achievements to earn.

Other SNIPER ELITE®4 freebies arriving July 18th include:

  • Elite ranks, raising the level cap from 50 to 250!
  • “Facility” Survival map, inspired by “Magazzeno Facility” campaign mission
  • “Bunker” multiplayer map, inspired by “Allegra Fortress” campaign mission
  • By popular demand, the option to choose your rifle’s scope reticule!

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