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Aug 09, 2017

Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY announced, is a “key-boot” of the original Keyboard Sports

From Press Release:

Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY is a newly-announced and dramatically expanded “key-boot” of the Humble Original title Keyboard Sports, which was initially made available through the November 2016 Humble Monthly bundle as a small bonus game. Denmark-based studio Triband — founded by Tim Garbos (Progress to 100), Peter Bruun and Rune K. Drewsen — delivers a humor-filled game with very little actual sports in it, but one chock-full of unique and ever-strange challenges that only ramp up once started. Oh, and bad keyboard puns. Like, a lot of those.

You play as the young apprentice to Master QWERTY, who sets you off on a visually and audibly stunning adventure to find your inner key — where your entire keyboard is your controller!

How does this work? Check out the all-new Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY announcement trailer today! Discover how players guide the apprentice using each and every key on their keyboard to — avoid obstacles such as lava, street traffic, plane cargo, plane cargo falling from the sky, PIECES OF A DEATH-SPIRALING PLANE, or control a spider robot, shoot arrows at bad guys, take part in the key-lympics, ride a boat with a giraffe wearing sunglasses and loads more dangerous yet hilarious challenges!

Triband challenges you to use every single key and fall in love with your least sexy controller when Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY launches on Windows PC, Mac and Linux in early 2018 (but never on PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, or Android).

Key Features (pun!):

  • ENTERtaining Challenges: Take part in a vast range of silly and unexpected minigames that utilize your entire keyboard.
  • SHIFT into High Gear: Minigames get harder and faster the closer you get to saving Master QWERTY!
  • RGB RGB RGB: Support for leading RGB LED keyboards for unique gameplay integration unlike typically seen in other games.
  • INSERT Content: All of the minigames from the original Keyboard Sports demo are included in this bigger and better full release.