Sep 26, 2017

The Guild 3 comes to Steam Early Access and GOG today

From Press Release:

In The Guild 3, a commoner has only one thing to dream of: a better life. A life without hard work from dawn till dusk. A life in the big city where riches and luxury await! However, the road to your very own dynasty in The Guild 3 is long and winding. From your first shack, where your lonely character starts his work, through to the vast chambers of your own palace as lord of a county, and head of a wealthy and influential family.

In The Guild 3’s new trailer, From Lumberjack to Millionaire, you can follow a woodsman’s dream.

Way shorter than the woodsman’s struggle for wealth is THQ Nordic’s roadmap for The Guild 3 in Early Access! Today marks the start of a journey that will last until 2018. Exactly, THQ Nordic is planning to be in Early Access for about half a year with The Guild 3, depending of course on all the feedback we are going to get along the way.

Additional content will be added on a regular basis, and more features will appear in-game whilst existing ones will be optimized. Very high up on the priority list will be a mulitplayer mode, which will accommodate up to 16 players.

Here you can find an overview of what’s to come:

The Early Access Version of The Guild 3 will start on Steam and today at 19:00/7 PM CEST for only $29.99 for now. When the game leaves Early Access, the price will rise.

You can find it here: