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Sep 28, 2017

HAWK: Freedom Squadron celebrates 5 Million Players and Major Update

From Press Release:

Global publisher and developer is happy to announce that its mobile vertical shoot ‘em up HAWK: Freedom Squadron has exceeded a total of 5 million players that have taken flight on its bullet hell adventures. In honor of the occasion, has shared some of the impressive statistics from the game on an infographic and detailed info about brand new Update 1.7.

In less than a year since launch, HAWK: Freedom Squadron has gathered five million players and created an international air force capable of defeating any foe. Pilots took down literally a billion of enemy planes. Every player defeated almost five enemy bosses (and those are not easy to take down, as they are enormous heavily equipped machines which get stronger with time). Additionally, the total distance covered in Arcade mode by all players combined is enough to fly almost 3 times around the Sun.

However, there are some achievements that were only accomplished by the most elite pilots. For example, only 1,500 players managed to get a full hangar of planes. No surprise, given the fact that the game is regularly updated with new content including new rare jets.

Update 1.7 adds a new chapter to the campaign, sending players even deeper into the territory of their former enemies, Atroxia. Pilots go on a quest to establish peace in territories which were torn apart by Atroxia’s malevolent rulers. New locations, with a new look, have been added with handcrafted graphics to ensure the smoothest mobile experience. Additionally, some planes and companion BroBots were rebalanced, so a player who aims for ace scores has more room to experiment with different loadouts. Finally, new players and veterans alike will benefit from the permanent increase to both co-op missions and single player missions to experience and coins to collect for rewards.

Key Features:Co-op and single player campaigns. Dozens of missions unveil a story about saving a peaceful country from vicious enemies and destroying an entire air fleet. The campaign includes tons of flying contraptions to shoot out of the sky, gigantic bosses and loads of adrenaline. Co-op adds an extra layer of excitement by allowing you to tackle it with a wingman by your side.

Arcade mode is for those who crave a lifetime spend in the sky. One infinite map, thousands of enemies with all kinds of aircraft, easy-to-master and fun gameplay. But be wary: the difficulty level rises with each second you fly here providing a fantastic mode for competitive players who want to see their name atop of the ratings list. Only the best pilots will make it to the top gun rank!

Collect and upgrade aircrafts and fighter jets. Only the best pilots realize they must invest in their trusty jets to make sure it reflects their playstyles. A large variety of jets is available that can all be tweaked with powerful upgrades to achieve aerial dominance.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron is a co-op mobile scrolling shooter game capable of turning the mobile screen into an aerial battlefield with thousands of jets, ground defenses and bosses so big they don’t even fit a screen. The main campaign tells a story of Verdia, a country overwhelmed with enemy air forces and a group of friends who are going to deal with these enemies and liberate the country.