Jul 18, 2018

Russian Subway Dogs from Spooky Squid Games releases August 2nd, new trailer barks a lot of info

From Press Release:

Toronto, Canada – July 18, 2018Spooky Squid Games, creators of They Bleed Pixels, are ready to let the dogs (and other critters) out. Woof! Russian Subway Dogs releases on August 2nd for Windows and Mac, with console and Vita versions coming later this year! To celebrate, we put together a video that tells the story of how Russian Subway Dogs came to be, looking back at the real-life dogs who learned to navigate the Moscow metro!

Based on the now-infamous dogs of the Moscow metro, Russian Subway Dogs is an action-arcade battle against the clock to consume as much food as possible! Play as a range of charming critters all looking to make it through another day on the Moscow metro. Eat shawarma, bark at vodka, and definitely don’t consume any chocolate as you rack up multipliers to keep your hunger levels at bay. Simple enough for a puppy to pick up but still packed with challenge, Russian Subway Dogs balances fast-paced gameplay with quick thinking as players face a constantly changing mix of enemies, items, and all manner of subterranean surprises.

  • Choose your critter and embark on a journey through Moscow in Russian Subway Dogs‘ campaign mode. Travel the Moscow subway system and learn the secrets of metro mastery from the Proletaricat and her litter of chaotic kittens as you complete progressively ruff challenges.
  • Players will be able to truly test the competitive ceiling of Russian Subway Dogs by positing high scores and showing off their skills in Endless Mode. Perfect for deep runs and big near-death saves, Endless Mode is the place to take all that skill post-campaign.
  • Pick from an original cast of dogs or find a familiar friend in the character selection screen, featuring multiple indie animal darlings who have joined the Moscow munching roster! Choices range from fellow dogs like Question Hound from Gunshow, Nacho and Rad Shiba from VA-11 Hall-A, and Kepler from Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to more… unique critters like a mini Nidhogg from Nidhogg 2 and Uay Chivo from Guacamelee + many more!