Jul 24, 2018

Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron, a Nazi blasting bullet-hell shooter is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

From Press Release:

Vienna, Austria/Giebelstadt, Germany, July 24th, 2018What else would you expect? A german production brings Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron to PC, PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® One family of devices, including the Xbox One X today! You and your fellow squad members have to defeat the 3rd Reich in this crazy shoot ‘em up! And it has all you can hope for:

  • Lots of Krauts: Check!
  • Flying Saucer: Check!
  • New York under siege: Check!
  • Statue of Liberty destroyed: Check!
  • Giant Zeppelins: Check!
  • A crazy Professor: Check!
  • Nuclear power in the hands of darkness: Check!
  • And of course: Ze finest German humor: Check!

Not that you’d need anything else but Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron also offers a 4 player couch co-op mode, an entertaining story campaign, a bunch of demanding boss fights, power ups, skill trees and a bazillion of enemy aircrafts to shoot down.

Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron is now available for PC & Consoles:


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