Aug 29, 2018

Aggressor: Ancient Rome gets down to basics in tutorial trailer, before August 30th release date

From Press Release:

Navigare necesse est (“We need to sail”). The Mediterrean Sea is in great turmoil: Carthage’s merchant kingdom dominates the coasts of Africa and Spain, as well as Sardinia, but a new power is rising. In the Tiber valley, Rome is discovering its imperial vocation, and in Sicily the frictions with Carthage are eventually bound to spark one of the wildest wars of ancient age.

Si vis pacem, para bellum (“if you want peace, be ready for war”). Aggressors: Ancient Rome, a very deep and multi-faceted 4X strategy game, is set in this troubled period with two powerful kingdoms clash for control of the known world. You can command Rome and expand into the Mediterranean, or rewrite history and lead the armies of Carthage undefeated across Europe. Or choose one of the other 18 factions – including Ptolemaic Egypt, Sparta, Celts, Bosforan and Pontus kingdom – for a yet more testing and demanding challenge.

Frangar non flectar (“I can be broken, but I will never bend down”). In this short video you can see how the basic mechanisms of Aggressors work. A good way to understand how to build cities, create and move units, and a quick overview for economic, political and diplomatic actions.In Aggressors: Ancient Rome, all will be under your command. Vae Victis!