Feb 01, 2019

Abandon Ship receives fourth major update titled, “Shattered Empire” that unlocks three new regions

From Press Release:

Fireblade Software unlocks Shattered Empire, A Major Update for Abandon Ship.

In it, you can venture into three regions that have been unlocked:

  • The Howling Seas, an Arctic region constantly battered by blizzards. In battle, crew must shield themselves from being knocked down by the fierce winds.
  • The Forsaken Seas, a geologically strange area where the mountains spew toxic fumes into the air. Fighting in this poisonous fog obstructs vision as well as continually saps crew health.
  • Shattered Empire, a once prosperous region in decline. Fight ghost ships and lift the curse on a beleaguered port, choose sides in a battle over a fallen monument or break the blockade to reach a plague colony, which is the only location to acquire the new Plague Dart weapon.

In the update, you can also utilise the new ship’s compass and discover Lighthouses to aid your navigation through the world, although be wary in your choices, as the new ‘Friends and Enemies’ system may make characters return at a later point to aid you, or seek revenge for your misdeeds.

There are a whole host of other additions packaged into our largest Major Update yet. Full details can be found in the Community Announcements page on Steam: