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Aug 29, 2019

Boreal Blade just released, Frozenbyte releasing Battlemaster Lessons with the first one about “Natural Blocking”

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From Press Release:

Boreal BladeĀ isĀ a melee fighting versus game that launched yesterday onĀ Nintendo SwitchĀ together with a free demo, and aĀ Steam Beta. It has a ton of in-depth combat mechanics that are hard to spot from just the trailers.

n a new blog series named the Battlemaster Lessons, the concept of ‘natural blocking’ is explained in detail in the first post. In Boreal BladeĀ weapons are physical objects and therefore block attacks even when you are not actively using them. There are many ways to use natural blocking to your advantage, and those are explained in the firstĀ Battlemaster Lesson foundĀ here.

Below are a few examples:

unnamed 2

Here you can see a warrior preparing to attack. While searching the right weapon angle for his swing, the enemy attacks. Natural blocking guarantees that the hit gets blocked even though our warrior is not actively doing any blocking by himself.

unnamed 1

Look closely! Our warrior is not actually doing anything else than simply moving around to block incoming attacks. Since enemy warriors canā€™t force him to constantly block with continuous attacks, deadlocks occur rarely, and the flow of the battle is smoother and more exhilarating. He has fair chances to attack himself.

Both the Boreal Blade demo and full game are available onĀ Nintendo eShop, with details of the differences below:

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Official website:Ā