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Jan 23, 2020

Paradox Vector, a 1980s inspired retro FPS will be having Global Beta Test geared towards final release

From Press Release:

Chicago, IL – Schmidt Workshops today announced the launch of its Global Beta Test. Access to testing will be open from February 8th to March 1st, 2020 and will be available at no cost exclusively to players who follow the instructions below. Those who miss the deadline will still be able to participate by purchasing the Early Access version on Steam. 

Paradox Vector is inspired by the old-school vector graphics games of the early 1980’s and the non- Euclidean geometry of M.C. Escher. Classic FPS games came into being well after vector graphics games like Battlezone and Tailguner had been all but forgotten. So in this open-world game, you can see a different kind of retro shooter … one that never actually existed. 

Paradox Vector won third place in GDWC’s Fan Favorite competition, and has been reviewed by a number of Twitch and Youtube streamers. It was mentioned on Tech Raptor and featured on IndieDB in August, 2019. One Steam user, hewhoisbob, said “Already had more retro arcade fun in the last .5 hour than many big development house titles have delivered. Thank you!” 

The game entered Early Access in April of 2019. Its primary gameplay mechanics are finished, but the developers want to “polish the heck out of it” before it’s ready for full release. This is a great opportunity for folks who love retro gaming, and first-person shooters, to try something outside of the box. 

Testing Guidelines: By signing up at the game’s website before March 1st 2020, users will have a chance to receive a free Steam Key, and be able to participate in testing and feedback. 

About Schmidt Workshops: Schmidt Workshops is the brainchild of solo artist and game developer Michael Klaus Schmidt. His experimental projects include Anomalies: the Generative Art Game, Star Explorers: the Interstellar Dungeon Crawler, and Rocket Blasters: a hand-drawn arcade style shoot- em-up. Paradox Vector will be Schmidt Workshops’ fourth commercial release.