May 15, 2020

RUNE II update now live with enhanced finishers, and on sale in the Epic Games Store

From Press Release:

The life of a reborn Viking gets better and better with RUNE II’s newest update! Building upon last week’s massive ‘Lazarus Update’ that redesigned major gameplay systems – as well as additional streamer and community feedback updates to optimize visual and sound quality – the new development team for RUNE II continues to listen to community feedback and deliver content to fans. New weapon combos, Combat Moves and satisfying finishing attacks bring an intensified level of visual savagery and carnage in RUNE II.

For a list of new features and improvements from this May 14 update, full patch notes can be found

To celebrate this newest update, RUNE II will be part of the the Epic Mega Sale on the Epic Game Store for the following editions :

  • Standard Edition: $20.99 (30% off, normally $29.99)
  • Berserker Rage: $25.19 (37% off, normally $39.99)
  • God Slayer: $29.99 (50% off, normally $59.99)

Loki has been a royal jerk and screwed up Midgard – you’ve been chosen to kick his ass out of Asgard for good. Alone or with friends, tear each enemy apart limb from limb in this chaotic, open-world saga, filled with brutal melee combat. Collect rare resources, locate divine artifacts and battle through the unique Ages of Ragnarok as you seek to craft the very sword used by Loki himself and destroy the trickster god with his own blade.

RUNE II is now available on the RUNE II website or on the Epic Games Store starting at $19.99. For keeping up on all things RUNE II, join the epic Viking war cry on Discord, read the latest update on our website, like us on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitch and Twitter.

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