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Oct 13, 2020

Conqueror’s Blade, the medieval MMO begins Season V: Legacy of Fire today

From Press Release:

MY.GAMES today proudly announces that ‘Season V: Legacy of Fire’, the latest expansion for its popular medieval MMO Conqueror’s Blade, is now live! Inspired by the era of the mighty Byzantine Empire, this new season invites warlords to rage across the realm of Anadolou to uncover forgotten tales of the past, recruit powerful fire-wielding units, and unlock exclusive seasonal rewards. With Season V, it’s easier than ever for players to join the fight thanks to revamped tutorials and the brand-new Empyros (EU4) server setting a level playing field.

The embers of war burn brighter — harness the raw power of flame and bend it to shape this land, for a new era of conquest has begun! ‘Season V: Legacy of Fire’ features:

Discover The All-New Region of AnadolouJourney into the distant past and follow the Kingdom of Empyros and their grand militia, the Symmachean Brotherhood, as they embark on a doomed campaign across Anadolou. All players will start Season V in lands anew and eventually discover this stunning new region. The first to be introduced since the launch of Conqueror’s Blade, this region provides the theatre for Territory Wars, a bi-weekly event where players can fight for control of the land.

Blaze Through a New Season Campaign

Players will battle through time and flames as they embark on a Seasonal Campaign packed with challenges and rewards. The fight will eventually culminate in the storming of Reginopolis, the capital of Anadolou and future crown jewel of an almighty empire.

Unleash Hellfire With Two New Units  

Fanning the flames of wars is much easier with two new units unlockable over the course of Season V. These warriors wield weapons fuelled by hellfire, an incendiary liquid developed by alchemists in the Kingdom of Empyros. The Zykalian Militia is an effective defensive force which wields throwable earthenware grenades, a fiery deterrent to attackers during siege battles. Players can also recruit the Siphonarioi, a dreaded force armed with handheld flamethrowers. Sworn to guard the secret of hellfire’s composition, they will fight tooth and nail to avoid being taken alive.

Join The Ranks of The Symmachean Brotherhood

Additional reinforcements can be called in, as fan-favourite units are promoted to the ranks of the Symmachean Brotherhood! Symmachean Stalwarts are an elite regiment based on Spear Sergeants, while Symmachean Paladins take the torch from Men-at-Arms. The basic units can be promoted to a different veterancy via Seasonal Challenges.

Unearth Epic New Rewards

As players rise through the ranks, they will earn over 100 levels of exclusive rewards with Season V’s Battle Pass. Players will instantly unlock the noble Vigla Guard’s Hero Attire at Battle Pass at level 1 and earn increasingly impressive rewards as they set the battlefield ablaze, including the Vardariot Unit and Horse Attire, four new Emotes, and the mighty Strategos’s Hero Attire.

Reborn Classic Cosmetics & New Weapon Skins to Collect

Players can also collect Hero Tokens from the Battle Pass and redeem them in the Seasonal Store for 11 new weapon skins worthy of the Symmachean Brotherhood. New to Season V, Chalices can also be earned and used to obtain reborn classic cosmetics! By redeeming Chalices, players can obtain new versions of fan-favourite Hero Attire, Horse Attire, and weapon skins that haven’t been available since Season I.

Rage through the flames of history in ‘Season V: Legacy of Fire’, available now as a free update for Conqueror’s Blade. For more information about this update, check out the latest patch notes and explore the lore of Season V.