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Apr 20, 2021

Ascher Racing SimRacing steering wheels get revised into the F28-SC V2 and F64-USB V2, out now

F28 SC V2 001

From Press Release:

Fichtenberg (Germany), April 20, 2021 – The steering wheels developed and manufactured by Ascher Racing are among the most popular hardware in the SimRacing scene. Both Ascher Racing Formula steering wheels F28-SC and F64-USB have now been ergonomically revised. Now, the SimRacing steering wheels have a more grippy semi-wheel. With the F64-USB, which is connected via a USB interface to a direct drive steering gear, Ascher Racing uses new encoders (rotary encoders). As a result, the feedback is even more precise. Both Ascher Racing steering wheels are available now. The recommended retail price for the Formula steering wheels from Ascher Racing starts at 669,00 Euro (19% VAT). Detailed product information at 

All Ascher Racing steering wheels are made of high-quality materials. For example, the steering wheel end plate is made of a solid billet aluminum plate with a thickness of five millimeters. This makes the steering wheels torsion-free. Components such as the shift paddles, which are also machined from aluminum, are even used on steering wheels in the world of grassroots motorsport.

The Ascher Racing Formula steering wheels F28-SC V2 and F64-USB V2, which are manufactured with a brushed aluminum steering wheel front plate, have twelve freely configurable buttons, two 7-way joysticks, and two magnetic shift paddles. This means that 28 input signals can be assigned. The F28-SC V2 will soon replace its predecessor. The V2 differs from the predecessor with a more grippy half steering wheel rim. This has a grippier and more slip-resistant rubber surface. The half-rim is also shaped more ergonomically. The Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 is compatible with all Simcube 2 Direct Drive systems. The recommended retail price is 669.00 euros (19 % VAT).

Meanwhile, the sold-out Ascher Racing F64-USB also received a more grippy and ergonomically shaped half-steering wheel rim with a non-slip rubber surface. Offered for 999.00 euros (19 % VAT), the new Ascher Racing F64-USB V2 also features contactless clutch paddles and two twelve-position rotary switches in addition to the twelve buttons, two 7-position joysticks, and two magnetic shift paddles. The new generation Ascher Racing F64-USB also received new encoders during the update. The new encoders make the feedback during operation even more precise than the previous model. Both Ascher Racing steering wheels come with mounting accessories for quick and easy connection to compatible direct-drive systems. With the F64-USB V2, the encoders for signal processing have also been revised, making the millisecond response time barely measurable. Detailed product information at