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Jul 28, 2021

The Cleaner Sense is an invaluable tactical advantage towards scrubbing levels in Serial Cleaners

From Press Release:

Here’s our latest Serial Cleaners feature update introducing one of the Cleaners’ tricks, invaluable in tight gameplay situations, The Cleaner Sense. It’s a true professional instinct that kicks in as soon as you press a dedicated button. In this focused state of mind, your – the Cleaner’s – field of vision extends making enemies, objects of interest, and mission goals more apparent. The time slows down, so you can assess the situation on the murder scene, and make tactical decisions. Every Cleaner sees things differently, so use The Cleaner Sense to plan and execute in your own, unique way.

In other news, you can visit our virtual booth at DreamHack Beyond, and for August we’ve partnered with Gamescom, and will be a part of the event, so please stay tuned for another portion of Serial Cleaners news!

In case you missed our previous trailers, here are a few:

  • Straight Outta Nineties – from GameSpot’s Play For All;
  • Bob Stealth Cabin – a video where the original cleaner, Bob, makes a comeback to show off the essence of Serial Cleaners – stealth gameplay;
  • 5 Pointz Map Reveal – one of the maps inspired by the iconic 5 Pointz complex, a location placing the game in 1990s New York City.

Serial Cleaners, a sequel to Serial Cleaner, is a single-player stealth action crime story in which you alternate between playing four eccentric mob cleaners taking on the bloodiest jobs the carefree 1990s had to offer. If you remember the nineties differently, their dirty work is the reason why.

The sequel takes place over 20 years after the original game, in 90s New York City, so players can get ready for a healthy dose of nostalgia conveyed via Basquiat-style graphic design, as well as the era-inspired music composed by Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, and a tongue-in-cheek story.

Serial Cleaners will be available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and consoles later this year.

Players can now wishlist the game on PC platforms: