Mar 28, 2022

Updates to campaign and vehicle sharing added to Early Access demolishing sim Instruments of Destruction

From Press Release:

Illinois, United States, March 28th, 2022 – Radiangames is bringing several updates to their brand new game, Instruments of Destruction, exclusively available on Steam as an Early Access title.

Vehicle Sharing is in!

Looking to spread the seeds of destruction? Radiangames has introduced an update that allows players to share their custom vehicles with others! The Steam Workshop has already had hundreds of vehicles added to its library to support this feature [687 at the time of writing]. With new parts being added to the garage every week. This means there will constantly be new increasingly customized community creations that will help you become the dictator of destruction!

The Junkyard Journey Continues!

Radiangames has added a new star system to provide more replayability to the main campaign. Allowing for new challenges that change the way you interact with the world. With all-new structure, layout, and level editor updates arriving in the next 2 months, there will be plenty of ways to enjoy the Instruments of Destruction experience!

Key Features

Advanced Physics and Destruction

Thanks to a heavy focus on physics and interactivity, along with a recent switch to using GPU-accelerated particles and other systems, Instruments of Destruction stands out in the vehicle building genre.  Not only does it feature advanced real-time destruction, but it also lets players use rarely-seen physics objects such as fully-simulated ropes and chains to build whatever vehicles or mechanisms the players’ can imagine.

With a library of nearly 100 parts already available and many more on the way (as well as vehicles that are almost completely invincible), the intuitive vehicle building system is easy to use while still providing plenty of depth and options for advanced users.  But for those who just want to get into the game and start demolishing stuff, the game ships with over 50 pre-built vehicles, 30 of which are custom-designed for specific campaign missions (10 islands with 3 modes each).

More Info
Instruments of Destruction
 will eventually come to other PC stores such as and the Epic Game Store, while console editions are not currently expected until version 1.0 arrives in 2023 or beyond.