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Jul 24, 2022

Phoenix Point: Complete Edition is now a full package with full Steam Workshop modding support

From Press Release:

SOFIA, Bulgaria  July 21, 2022 — The war isn’t over yet! Snapshot Games has released Phoenix Point: Complete Edition today on PC via Steam,, the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store, as well as on Google Stadia. This massive bundle features the renowned strategy game from X-COM series creator Julian Gollop plus six DLC packs, perfect for players looking to upgrade or jump into the fight for the very first time.

As Phoenix Point celebrates its achievement of one million players across all platforms, the game’s final official PC update, available today and titled “Hastur,” introduces the community’s most-requested feature: Steam Workshop modding support. Now players can create and share their own imaginative designs with the world. As an added element of the game’s mod integration, each mod can be tweaked by players to finely tune the right balance for their game.

To help kick things off and demonstrate some of the exciting possibilities now available with modding, Snapshot has released its own “Custom Campaign” mod for Phoenix Point on Steam. This ‘example’ mod gives players a greater degree of customization over their campaigns, including the ability to make the experience easier or more challenging in a variety of ways.

As one last thank you to the community for its support over the years, all cosmetic soldier skins have been unlocked for all players on PC. That includes the previously console-only “Neon” skins, alongside two brand-new skins: the Aztec Priest and Pandoran Technician.

And if you’ve still yet to try this hit turn-based strategy game for yourself, free demos for Phoenix Point are now available on Steam and Stadia.

Phoenix Point: Complete Edition Features:

  • The Definitive Phoenix Point Package: Play all previously released DLC and updates, including “Legacy of the Ancients,” “Blood and Titanium,” “Festering Skies,” “Corrupted Horizons,” “Chaos Engines,” and the “Living Weapons Pack,” introducing new story campaigns, missions, modes, soldiers, enemies, vehicles and more.
  • Steam Workshop Mod Support: Customize your game experience in endless ways with mods made by the community, and create and share your own designs with the world (only on Steam).
  • Defend Earth from a Mutating Alien Menace: Customize your soldiers with unique skills, weapons and equipment to use in intense turn-based battles against an ever-changing alien threat that adapts to your tactics to challenge you.
  • The Geoscape Reborn: Take command of a strategic view of world situations and conflicts to plan operations and manage resources on a global scale.
  • Take Aim on the Battlefield: Beyond equipping and commanding units, Phoenix Point lets you take direct control of your soldier’s shots in combat with a unique free-aiming system. Target enemy weak spots, weapons, or valuables, or just go for center mass.
  • Uncover the Global Threat: Experience a complex narrative with multiple endings, and uncover the secret origins of the crisis through exploration and research.
  • Manage Diplomatic Relations: You’re not the only force trying to reclaim the Earth. Different factions offer unique rewards for cooperation and threats for opposing them. It’s up to you to decide how, or even if, to deal with them.
  • A Modern Vision for a Strategy Classic: Designed by X-COM series creator Julian Gollop, Phoenix Point combines the best of classic strategy games with updated visuals, technology and systems.

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