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Sep 08, 2022

Second major update for 4X turn-based strategy game Old World available today, discounted until September 12th

From Press Release:

7 September, 2022 – Old World is ending the summer with its second major update, as it pairs its sweeping improvements with a time limited Steam sale. Bringing changes to game balance and the addition of a Dynasty System for Greece alongside Steam Deck support, refined localization and interface improvements, the update marks a significant milestone in Old World’s post-launch roadmap. On sale now until September 12 with a 20% discount ($31.99 / £27.99), there has never been a better time to begin your empire.

Released in May 2022, Old World invites players to lead their dynasty against rival kings and queens across multiple generations. Marry for politics, raise your heirs, and manage your relationship with the families of your kingdom – how you rule is completely down to you. With very positive reviews on Steam (82%), its End of Summer update is Old World’s second largest to date and is positioned to address key community feedback.

Adjustments have been made to family bonuses, archetype abilities, and the balance of units and laws. Refinement to its multiplayer lobby and the addition of fresh “Learn By Play” scenarios helps to ease new players into the game, while those already experienced in the 4X turn-based strategy game will be able to use the scenarios to put their skills to the test if they’re seeking further challenges. Finally, long-anticipated Mac Support has been added, and with it comes Old World’s first appearance on Steam Deck. Players are now able to rule over their kingdom while on the move, with further refinements to the handheld experience due soon.

Key Features

  • Build a grand legacy to last beyond your own years by leading your empire through multiple generations.
  • Form relationships with the 8 kingdoms and their noble families. Each provides benefits when put in charge of your cities.
  • Manage family ties through events, actions, and marriages to keep them happy and reap additional benefits. Upset them or make them too powerful, and you risk their ire.
  • Maintain a strong family unit, or distract yourself with more illicit adventures. Seek out and recruit famed warriors, philosophers, builders, and more. Have them tutor your children, lead your armies, and further your reign.
  • Personality archetypes allow your court members to perform different tasks in similar roles. Find the right combinations to take full advantage of governors, diplomats, spymasters, and even your spouse.
  • Characters develop new personalities and traits over time, growing old, gaining experience, and finally falling ill and passing away, leaving room for the next generation.
  • Discover artifacts and great heroes of the past at ruins scattered across the map.
  • Experience over 3,000 unique events inspired by history and mythology.
  • Pursue ambitions and legacies related to conquest, development, faith, and more.
  • Play through historically inspired scenarios, weekly challenge games, and a choice between randomly generated and handcrafted maps to explore. Lead Carthage to victory as Hannibal in the Punic Wars, hold your own against Barbarian Hordes, or compete against other players in tackling fictional scenarios.
  • Play with friends in countless multiplayer modes — from hotseat, to asynchronous, to cloud play.
  • Mods further open up infinite options for new worlds, empires, and dynasties — inspired by our real world, and by works of fiction as well.

Old World is available now on Steam for the discounted price of $31.99 / £27.99. Those eager to learn more about the game can join its official Discord to find like-minded rulers.