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Oct 05, 2022

Vault of the Void, the roguelike deckbuilder launches out of Early Access after two years today

From Press Release:

Vault of the Void is a roguelike deckbuilder inspired by its sister genre, competitive card games, providing players with complete control in dynamic deck management and minimizing randomness for a more intense focus on skill and decision making.

After evolving through a two-year Early Acces period, Vault of the Void is available now as a 1.0 game.

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Upon embarking on a perilous quest into the void, players can choose from one of four classes to build their deck around. These diverse and unique archetypes not only offer contrasting play styles but require different approaches to planning your route through the danger-ridden dungeons.

From the swift blood-soaked attacks of The Hidden to the corruption-fueled power of The Daughter, no quest to defeat the Void will ever feel or play the same. Successfully cleansing the Void rewards players with a mastery system, allowing them to plan and customize their starting deck. Very important for higher difficulty runs.

Solo Developer, Spidernest Games shared insight into the developmental progression Vault of the Void has made over the past two years. The video can be found here.

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Key Features

  • A deckbuilder that rewards skill, not randomness. Almost every piece of information the player needs to succeed in a run is available. From tile reward previews for planning your path to combat tips for each encounter. There are no surprises to ruin your run.
  • Fluid and Fast Combat. Any card can be Purged into energy. Combine this with the changeable spells; the player is in complete control of every combat instance, allowing them to create limitless combos.
  • A deckbuilder that focuses on deckbuilding. Your deck is limited to only 20 cards, which can be modified anytime. Every combat encounter requires a different strategy, so be prepared to chop and change your deck on the fly.
  • Create your own cards. Slaying enemies will reward you with Void Stones, powerful gems you can socket into any card to unlock new synergies. With six different Void Stones to collect and 450+ cards, there are over 10,000 combinations you can create.
  • Play your way. Three different game modes to play through. Create your own adventure into the void with challenge coins, slay your way through a combat run with a customizable difficulty system or take on unique daily challenges.

Vault of the Void was released in Steam Early Access in November 2020. Throughout its Early Access period, the game has received overwhelmingly positive community feedback, with 95% positive user reviews from over 1,300 reviews. Vault of the Void is available now via Steam.