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Feb 09, 2023

Stunlock Studios announces Free Expansion coming in May, and Dark Magic updates for V Rising


From Press Release:

Skövde, Sweden – 9th February, 2023 – Stunlock Studios today have published their latest dev blog post for V Rising, announcing their exciting plans for 2023. Using valuable feedback from the vampire community, the team has made big upgrades to the magic system of V Rising allowing for more spell variety and introducing Jewels, items that modify and enhance spells. This dev update also brings the glorious reveal of V Rising’s first major content update in the form of a Free Expansion coming in May:

“This update will primarily be about strengthening our foundations with new ways to live out the Vampire fantasy. To us, this means enhancing the way you already play by giving you more of what you already love, but it also means adding more layers of depth and complexity to the world to masterfully tie things together. We’re taking this time to build the game out and prepare it for a satisfying endgame, where we can build up to an apex moment that lets you fully realize your potential.”

Click here to check out Dev Blog #17: Dark Magic Designs

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Survive as a newly awakened vampire in a world ruled by humans and rise to become the next Dracula. Feed on blood to gain new powers, hide from the scorching sun, and engage in real-time PvE and PvP combat set in a dark fantasy realm. Raise your castle and invite friends to join as you explore a vast open world, pillage villages, skirmish with bandits, and delve into the lairs of supernatural beasts. Attack other player’s castles, or become a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and betrayal.

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