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Mar 31, 2023

Physics-based engineering sandbox Plasma is more than nuts and bolts, out now in Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

New Zealand, March 30th – Plasma, the physics-based engineering sandbox by Dry Licorice, is now available on Steam!

In Plasma, players create machines and tools to explore a creative and colourful world. The game features  a state-of-the-art robotics physics engine and user-friendly visual programming tools. They can also download other player’s creations, see how they work, change them and make their own versions. Plasma provides a unique playground to bring devices, gizmos and fully-interactive robots to life.

The title gives players the ability to create anything imaginable, from simple button and lever mechanisms to complex rockets, robots and RC Cars.  Players will encounter challenges and be able to get their creations together to see how they work.  Any creation can be explored and modified using a simple but robust visual programming system which step by step will help build knowledge over time.

Plasma is out now on Steam in Early Access for £19.99, $19.99, and €19.99, and players can stay connected with the Plasma developers via Discord and Twitter.