Grey Goo “Firmament” Story Trailer

Dec 17, 2014


Grey Goo gameplay puts Goo vs Humans on display

Aug 12, 2014


Grey Goo is the new RTS from Petroglyph

Mar 13, 2014

Award-winning, independent videogame developer Petroglyph, in conjunction with publishing partner Grey Box, today announced Grey Goo, an all-new real-time strategy (RTS) game set for release this fall on PC. Grey Goo breathes new life into the RTS genre by blending classic, established gameplay mechanics and tropes with modern design tools and technology to create a thoughtful, exhilarating strategy experience. 

End of Nations – “In The Company Of Heroes and Mercenaries” Dev Diary

Aug 06, 2012

What makes hero units and mercenary companies so unique in the Free-to-Play online military strategy game End of Nations™?  Their capacity to wield special strategic and combative abilities across the field of battle, for one. Download and watch “In the Company of Heroes and Mercenaries,” Trion Worlds’ newest Developer Diary video for End of Nations, as the team explains and demonstrates how these special units can be the key to overcoming any adversaries  on the battlefield.