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Grand Kingdom Review

Jun 17, 2016

The PlayStation Vita is no stranger to some fantastic role playing games.  It seems to be the handheld to go to when it comes to interesting and unique RPG experiences. One thing right off the bat, Grand Kingdom is quite different from any other RPG game I’ve played (which is a ton) and it offers an experience worth checking out, even if it’s bit intimidating from the start.

Ray Gigant Review

Apr 29, 2016

Sometime in the near future, a new PlayStation Vita game is about to drop into players hands. That said, the near future also a perilous time in the world of Ray Gigant as huge menacing creatures have attacked and only a few people have the power to stop them, one in particular. With him comes great power, but will they all be able to stop the Gigants from killing everything?

Severed Review

Apr 26, 2016

New releases for the PlayStation Vita are few and far between these days. Especially games that take specific advantage of what the Vita can offer, in this case touch screen controls. Severed plays out much like a twisted fantasy told in a foreign and colorful land. As the protagonist Sasha, she finds herself hoping to rescue her family and do battle in the process.

Lumo, an isometric action platformer releasing on April 22nd

Mar 31, 2016

Rising Star Games, a video game publisher renowned for bringing unique and diverse games to players everywhere, is thrilled to announce that the indie darling adventure Lumo is headed to multiple platforms on April 22. From the inspired mind of Gareth Noyce, lead designer and founder at Triple Eh? Ltd., Lumo is a modern take on the classic isometric-styled action platformers that were highly popular in the eighties and early nineties. Gamers are encouraged to experience the charm and magic of Lumo on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

UnEpic comes to PlayStation 4 and Vita today

Mar 30, 2016

Independent Spanish publisher A Crowd Of Monsters today announced that UnEpic, a side-scrolling platformer RPG by indie developer Francisco Téllez de Meneses, is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Inspired by the MSX game The Maze of Galious, UnEpic is currently out on PC, Mac, Linux and WiiU. For more information about UnEpic, please visit:

Hitman GO coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita

Dec 06, 2015

Following the highly successful release of Hitman GO for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, Square Enix Montréal announced today during PlayStation Experience 2015 that the critically acclaimed turn-based mobile strategy game will be coming to both the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and the PlayStation®Vita system in 2016.

BANDAI NAMCO announces new playable characters for One Piece: Burning Blood

Nov 23, 2015

Are you ready for an all-out pirate brawl? One Piece: Burning Blood is bringing the Straw Hat Crew back to the world of fighting games and today we’re revealing X. Drake, Franky, Roronoa. Zoro, and Aokiji as the newest combatants joining the fight!

Superbeat: Xonic Review

Nov 03, 2015

Years ago I stumbled upon some friends playing this new and interesting game. It required using a dance pad on the floor along with matching arrows to the beat of music. I didn’t want to try it but I gave it my all and became addicted to it.  Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of music based rhythm games. I hadn’t heard much about Superbeat Xonic and for that I’m sorry.

Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Review

Sep 21, 2015

The base game Helldivers released back in March, and was met with positive responses, as many of Arrowhead Game Studios’ games have done in the past. Though, the game has friendly fire always turned on, making it an experience you have to be careful to not shoot or kill your teammate. Since then, the game has received updates, DLC packs, and expansions. Now, Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is available and includes all of these in one pack. How is the Helldivers experience in this super collection? (It’s good, really good actually.)