ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Review

May 06, 2022

People either like wireless devices, or they prefer wired ones. ROCCAT knows this dilemma, and the Burst Pro Air sets out to please both ends of the spectrum. ROCCAT has had a steady streaming of gaming mice that have been excellent, and this is no different with this wireless mouse. This is also a lightweight mouse, so light that I feel even a gentle breeze might blow it off my desk. The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is a breath of fresh air, a fantastic option for nearly every type of PC gamer.

ROCCAT Kone XP Review

Mar 23, 2022

Making any piece of hardware that matches or even exceeds its predecessor is no easy feat, but that’s ROCCAT’s strength. Their latest is the ROCCAT Kone XP, an excellent mouse for the gamer who plays everything from shooters to RTS’, and everything in-between to keep you competitive at every angle. The Kone XP is a direct follow-up to the Kone AIMO Remastered that released three years ago. I can say definitively that it has been worth the wait for a gaming mouse this good at what it offers. The ROCCAT Kone XP surpasses, just about everything to be one of the finest mice I’ve ever used.

ROCCAT Torch Review

Sep 06, 2021

ROCCAT has been releasing impressive hardware throughout the year, and their latest is a studio-grade USB microphone, set to light a fire in the space. Aimed at mostly content creators and gamers, it’s an exciting package that’ll appeal to a larger audience. But in the age of working from home either by choice or demand, microphones have become a near-essential component of the home office, so there’s something for all here. The ROCCAT Torch is as affordable and stylish as it is a great microphone too.

ROCCAT Syn Pro Air Review

Aug 10, 2021

ROCCAT is all things PC gaming hardware: keyboards, mice, and headsets. The latest in the wireless line that end in “Air”, is the Syn Pro Air, an impressive sounding but flawed headset. This is actually hurt to wear, one of few I’ve had to induce so pressure I couldn’t wear them for long. The Syn Pro Air’s sound quality is bolstered by its 50mm drivers, but ROCCAT simply doesn’t quite nail this one with lackluster software and being a painful to wear headset.

ROCCAT Kone Pro Review

May 31, 2021

ROCCAT reimagines one of their flagship mice with the Kone Pro. It’s a mouse that focuses on being lightweight in every aspect – which it excels at. Whether you’re a claw, palm, or fingertips gripper, there’s something for you. Extensive research has been poured into the Kone Pro, and it shows. This mouse is so smooth, Rob Thomas and Santana have a song about it. From it being ergonomic and just a joy to use, the ROCCAT Kone Pro is a must-have gaming mouse.

ROCCAT Pyro Review

May 31, 2021

ROCCAT, now under the Turtle Beach umbrella have had an impressive hardware line-up in the past, but it feels like 2021 is the year of ROCCAT. This is a PC-only brand, and it shows. Every little detail has been meticulously researched and embedded into the core of this keyboard. The ROCCAT Pyro won’t set the world ablaze in terms of features, but it won’t leave you burned by the lack of them. This is one fantastic keyboard that’s sure to light a fire in the competition.