OlliOlli: Switch Stance Review

Feb 22, 2019

There are few experiences in gaming so sublime as entering a flow state while working your way through a challenging landscape, chaining together moves and hitting every single button press at the exact right time to produce a perfectly executed run, the aural and visual feedback of which perpetuates your trance of gaming nirvana. Few games I have played in my life are capable of regularly producing this phenomenon, as doing so requires the right composition of controls, music, level design, and all of the small imperceptible details that hone a game into an masterfully crafted engine for driving you forward.


May 14, 2015

NOT A HERO is a game about speed and style, not unlike the developer’s own OlliOlli series. Comparisons to Devolver Digital’s other published title, Hotline Miami if it were a sidescroller wouldn’t be too far off of a comparison to make. NOT A HERO features a funny if not completely unrealistic story to follow, a cast of gun-toting potty-mouthed characters, and gameplay that moves at a frenetic pace. And it’s probably the most realest depiction of politics you’ll ever see in a videogame.

Not A Hero from Roll7 is coming on May 7th

Feb 19, 2015

[youtube http://youtu.be/s3R3yVxMYaE]

OlliOlli2 got announced at London’s EGX, New Screenshots released

Sep 25, 2014

The iconic ‘skater’ is going all green-screen and getting radical at Olliwood Studios, plucking him from the street and dropping him squarely in the middle of the Big Screen’s most bodacious cinematic locations.

OlliOlli (PC) Review

Jul 22, 2014

To paraphrase Bushnell’s Law, OlliOlli epitomizes the “Easy to learn, hard to master” aphorism. There’s an air of the replayability and quick reloading of Canabalt meets the condensed control scheme of skate. along with the zaniness of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. All of it is nailed so well that it becomes it’s own beast. However, this beast will often chew you up and spit you out until you become better at it.

OlliOlli drops in to Steam on July 22nd

Jul 15, 2014

Pro fingerboarders Devolver Digital and the talented British deviants at Roll7 announced today that the PC, Mac and Linux versions of OlliOlli will 720 all up on Steam on July 22 for $12.99. Originally launched on the Sony PlayStation Vita to rave reviews, OlliOlli has been lovingly handcrafted for the PC platform boasting four game modes, sweet rewards, scientifically measured precision fingering for the ultimate board control and more.