Project CARS 3 Review

Aug 24, 2020

Project CARS 3 relaxes its simulation and hardcore nature for a much more inviting and better streamlined experience than the prior two games ever achieved. Though, with Slightly Mad Studios straying from what made this series so popular, there’s likely going to be some dissent about the direction of this game. It may not be the relentless driving experience you once came for, but it’s got a copious amount of content for both online and offline, with incredible audio and gorgeous visuals to accompany it all. Project CARS 3 retains lots of fan-favorite modes, vehicles, and features that refuses to disappoint.

Project CARS Review

May 06, 2015

Before the days of Kickstarter, Slightly Mad Studios ran their own crowd-funding campaign for a racing game with the working title Project CARS. The “CARS” in the title actually stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. Turns out the name stuck and the working title became the actual title. This project has manifested into an actual game you can play, a game in which you drive real cars on real tracks for the sport of racing, not for the money and the fame. Project CARS is a simulation racer that’s synonymous with the word “hardcore”, an accurate way to describe its authenticity, even if that means it will prevent many from playing it due to its difficult tendencies.

Project CARS – Full Car List

May 01, 2015

Featuring a wide variety of vehicles from the world of Open Wheel, GT, Le Mans Prototypes, Supercars, Track Day cars, Karts, Road cars, Historic Touring, and US Trans-Am and Stock, Project CARS truly represents global car culture and motorsport with something for everyone and a dedication to expanding and going deeper with this community-focused list after launch.

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Aug 04, 2011

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