El Presidente becomes a Supervillian in new Tropico 5 DLC

Mar 26, 2015

El Presidente is getting tired of this amateur dictator image, so he’s decided that it’s about time he added a little more professionalism to his career and officially become the most famous supervillain in the whole of the Caribbean.

Tropico 5 DLC, “Surf’s Up” is Out Today

Jan 08, 2015

El Presidente has visited the void of time and space and confirmed his long-held suspicion: he is in fact the most important person in the entire universe. However, the enlightenment it granted gave him an ominous message – the planet earth is under threat from alien incursion – and aliens want to build an intergalactic highway straight across Tropico! Enlist the help of the wise dolphins of the Pacific Ocean and save your banana republic in the ‘Surf’s Up!’ DLC for Tropico 5.

Tropico 5 gets Waterborne with First Expansion

Dec 11, 2014

[youtube http://youtu.be/n73cgiy0UK4]

Tropico 5 dictates its release onto Xbox 360 today

Nov 11, 2014

[youtube http://youtu.be/5FmqCPM_H98]

You can read our review of the PC version of Tropico 5.

Joint Venture DLC for Tropico 5 allows El Prez to dabble in fast food

Nov 06, 2014

El Presidente is the master of many impressive traits, such as dictating, manipulating and undermining. He’s never been called a sell-out before though, so now he wants to add that to his resume! Help him achieve his dream and aid him in the brand new Tropico 5 DLC ‘Joint Venture.’ Abandon the beauty of traditional Tropican cuisine and bring the riches of the fast-food industry to the island. Build your own burger joint, destroy the competition and adorn your El Prez in the magnificent McWig avatar accessory. Plus, there’s also a brand new sandbox map and audio track to add to your game!

Tropico 5 is a Mad World in new DLC that adds new scenario, building, and a brand new sandbox map

Sep 25, 2014

The ‘Mad World’ DLC for Tropico 5 is out today on PC and El Prez needs your help in the brand new ‘Madness’ scenario! Set in the ‘World War’ Era, things have gone a bit too far for the mighty El Prez this time and the loving support of Penultimo just isn’t enough. Return him to his usual sharp self and share the benefit of advanced health care using the new Asylum building – though be warned: as with all things Tropico, there are two sides to every story. Will you provide health and happiness to the people, or push your enemies to the brink of madness? ‘Mad World’ includes the new ’Madness’ scenario, the all new Asylum building, St. Dimpna sandbox map, the very serious Funnel Hat avatar accessory, and a spicy salsa music track to help lift the mood of the troubled Tropicans!

Tropico 5 – Big Cheese DLC out today with gameplay fixes in version 1.04

Jul 24, 2014

Do you know El Presidente’s only weakness? His penchant for a good, ripe cheese of course! While his exclusively imported French speciality cheese may bring some short lived satisfaction, El Presidente wants more!  To satisfy his desire, El Presidente decided to open his very own artisan cheese factory – The Creamery – in the first DLC pack for the hugely popular Tropico 5.

Tropico 5 Review

May 22, 2014

The French novelist Alphonse Karr wrote, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. This is true for Tropico 5. For as feature-rich, improved, beautiful it is, the new additions that make it different from it’s predecessors, still ends up feeling awfully similar when you actually sit down to play it.