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Aug 07, 2011

QUASI-REVIEW: Hot Springs Story

Yes everyone, the fine folks at Kairosoft have another game to wet our management appetites.  Hot Springs story is very similar in strategy to Game Dev Story.  Run a Hot Springs, get customers, earn money to upgrade your springs, and do this all within 20 years.  When you start a new game you must think of a catchy name to bring in those customers. As with Game Dev Story, it’s only 14 characters long as is everything else you get to name in the game.  You can name your rooms here to help differentiate between them or name one the elderly bang bang room or something.  The old folks loved that room.

The first thing you’ll notice right away is that you can scroll the screen around.  You can view all over the game area and you get a mouse pointer that you can use as well.  You can either tap to place items or you can scroll the screen around to where you want your item placed, then tap.  It’s a little clunky at first but once you get used to it, it’s really not that bad.  I did find myself scrolling when I wanted to click or place an item then vise versa when I wanted to just move it over a little so they could have worked out the kinks a little more with controls.  The gameplay is as addicting as Game Dev Story but I enjoyed Game Dev a little more.  Maybe it’s because I’m more into games than sitting as a relaxing resort.  A nice feature here is that you can now go into landscape mode for a wider view of the screen and a more comfortable holding position if you don’t wish to play with one hand.

The gameplay is sim management all the way.  You buy new rooms to add to your Inn that guest will either love or hate.  Your choices range from rooms to stay in, restaurants, hot springs, a casino, gift shops, and so on.  You can upgrade the rooms with items you get as gifts or items you can buy which in return will raise the guests satisfaction of your Inn.   More satisfied guests stay longer and spend more money.  More money gets you better stuff, better stuff leads to more guests, and so on.  Remember how Game Dev Story only had that one save slot?  Well Hot Springs Story actually has a 2nd save slot so if you and your significant other wanted to play your own Inns you are now given this glorious option.

If you liked Game Dev Story pick up the lite version of this game to try it out.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea with the new control method and the fact Hot Springs aren’t that big in places other than Japan, so running one may not interest you.  Oh and be prepared to lose yourself to your phone, not like your eyes aren’t glued to it 24/7 anyway.  Yeah I know, your girlfriend still complains to me all about it and she’s still tired of being number two bro.