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Aug 11, 2011



Let me get this out of the way, this game is not fun.  The opening of the game took way too long with way too much dialogue with bad voice acting to boot.  The hero has this Christian Bale Batman raspyness, in monotone.  It made it hard to listen to anything that was being said which made the yawn inducing plot even less important.  It had something do with your sister being possessed and you fighting alongside orcs and a “sexy” female orc companion who the story writer obviously wants you to lay.  You can move around during conversations but you will easily find that you are limited.  You can walk a few steps away or run up to their face.  Games like Assassin’s Creed did this a whole lot better.  Although, it did lead to a humorous moment where I ended up on the top of a hanging light talking to an NPC.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about but they do look nice.  Character models seem very stiff to me during cut scenes but become more fluid in combat.   Speaking of combat, I give a thumbs up to it.  It was fast and there was a wide variety of weapons to choose from but I got with a good old sword.  Sure there are bows & arrows, clubs, staffs, etc. I like the feel of a nice sword slicing into your enemy’s soft flesh.  You can customize weapons with crafting and upgrades which is always welcome in my book.  Let me find shit to make my weapon stronger or give me access to a quick and powerful weapon.

Character customization is deep using a slider system to control various aspects your face and body. It’s no where near THQ WWE create a wrestler levels of detail but better than most rpgs I’ve played.  Hell, some wont even let you change your shirt let alone giving your guy a pornstache.  I’ll be totally honest though, I could only last about two hours into the game before I was done.  It just took way too long for the game to get up to speed; it just dragged on forever.  The game does feature a fully open world and tons of quests, but c’mon if you cant get me excited to play in the first hour – theres no point in forcing myself play.  I come to have fun, not add another chore to my already busy to do list.

I did not enjoy this game but that doesn’t mean you wont.  If you like open world games in a fantasy setting, this could be your game.  With a great combat system and weapon modification what’s not to love?  Oh right, this game.  If you do venture out to give it a shot, I recommend a rental first and be prepared to wave though tasteless gravy before you reach something thick and juicy.