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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gameplay montage


From the first screens and details of this game, I couldn’t really pinpoint how this game would play; but after watching the above video, I can clearly see what they are shooting for.  Gamers have been mixed about what they see here and I fall under the, “looks good” camp.  The game basically looks like SquareEnix’s take on Elite Beat Agents and Guitar Hero, which so far doesn’t look half bad.  The difference here being that it looks like your using the screen for taps and slides like EBA but then there are a few of those markers with arrows inside them, which lead me to believe you’ll be using the circle pad as well.  After playing around with that hand position on my 3DS, it doesn’t seem all that difficult a setup.

As we knew before, your characters are Chibi-styled representations of characters throughout the Final Fantasy universe like Lightning and Cloud.  The game will have tracks ranging from the various Final Fantasy titles and it’s very easy to see that the more upbeat songs will be more engaging.  I will say though that I agree with some views about the music from Final Fantasy.  For a successful rhythm game they need tracks with lots of beats and when I think Final Fantasy, I’m thinking slow orchestral tracks.  That’s not saying there isn’t beat stomping music spread throughout the XIII (see what I did there) different titles and various spin offs, but I’m thinking this game is going to have more original content than what the average Final Fantasy fan will want.  We’ll see when the game actually makes it’s way to  Japan sometime in 2011 and our 3DS’s at somepoint in the future.

SOURCE: YouTube user: 5orans