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To boldly go where only cholesterol flows in Nano Assault


First Majesco got you to make delicious meals, then they taught you how to lose all that weight with your panty dropping dance moves.  Of course after you found that special someone you needed a lesson in childcare and Majesco was there for you.  Now in the fall of 2011 they prepare you for the inevitable cold and flu season for your children in Nano  Assault.

Launching for the 3DS on November 22, 2011, Nano Assault is a crazy looking game where the player must stop the Nanostray virus from destroying the human civilization. OH NO! Your skills will be tested against the likes of the Black Nucleus, Hyper Blods, and the terrifying Spore Plants. You’ll be battling your way through 32 Nano-rific (that’s my word, you cants haz) stages blasting away enemies with a varied aresnal at your stylus’s tip.

I have to say, from the trailer, the game looks gorgeous and there seems to be alot of potential for some really good use of the 3d.  Looks like Space combat in your bloodstream with obstacles to fly around Ala Starfox.

Are you ready to save humanity from this Nano-terror? (that’s also mine, you cants haz either)