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Mar 08, 2012

QUASI-REVIEW: Global Agenda: Free Agent

Global Agenda is a massively multiplayer, futuristic third person shooter set in the year 2155 where any fragment of decency is gone and the government, the Commonwealth Prime, is looking to take control of the planet. The game is both MMO and third person shooter. The game includes PvP/PvE matches and a campaign of a massive scale. For the amount of time with the game I had, I found it to be quite fun, and I’m not even the target audience here. From what I’ve played so far, there are plenty of missions to do and things to keep you occupied for a free to play MMO.

Once you create your account and design your character, from a pretty massive amount of choices, off you go to the tutorial stage. You’re basically breaking out of the labs where you were being held and along the way you’re shown the basic MMO controls for attack and powers. Instantly I clicked with this game because it’s not in the fantasy setting most MMOs tend to favor. Call me a sucker for science fiction but a cool looking futuristic ninja blade trumps anything a troll or elf can provide. There’s lots of customization you can do to your character’s looks, once I first saw that you could acquire full face helmets and slick looking space armor, I was sold. You also get access to a jetpack that you can use to move around the world faster and to take your combat vertical. You can’t just spam it either as there is a cool down for it but it was helpful for exploring the open world.

There are four classes in game: Assault, Recon (Reconnaissance), Robotics and Medic. Character development is available via three branching trees that you can invest points into and each class and each one plays very differently from one another, so don’t go picking people just because they look cool like I did; put some strategy into your choices. The interface is standard MMO fare: You have a mini-map, health and energy bars for you and your teammates, an action bar, mission info and the handy dandy chat box. You can’t really do much in terms of customization for it as far as I could tell, so for your hardcore player, they may have to get used to the layout.

Once you get accustomed to the controls though, the game is just plain fun to play. Like any good third person shooter these days, the cover system works and the firefights take skill, but don’t worry if you aren’t a major threat as you can die without any penalty; well other than running back to where you were prior to death. If I had my choice over the World of Warcrafts and Everquests of the MMO world, I would easily pass those by to play Global Agenda. One, the price is right, two it’s in a setting that I’m far more comfortable in, three it’s actually fun and not as tedious as I’ve come to know from the MMO genre. If you even bothered to click this article to see what it’s all about then you should really just go and give this game a download because I’m certain you will enjoy as much as I have.