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Nov 06, 2012

QUASI-REVIEW: Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube

Day One of this mysterious game from Peter Molyneax’s 22 Cans development studio and there is already lots of this mysterious block chipped away. According to the game rules, players can not progress to the next layer until the previous layer has totally been removed. Once removed players can work on the next.

The game is very similar in function to a Facebook game made of just mouse clicks, just tap the screen and a block disappears. You may find coins when you break a block and you get bonus coins for clearing a screen. You’ll need coins to purchase tools that will help clear more cubes at a time, for a finite amount of turns or a set amount of time. Oddly enough to track the stats, yours and the world’s, will cost players coins as well; 100 to be exact and 50 tp check your friend’s stats.┬áHonestly, it’s not a lot to part with seeing as how quick you can earn coins but an interesting decision on 22 Cans’ part to motivate players. But the big motivation here is to find out what’s inside that cube. According to the information from the game, not all layers will be just tapping and once we reach the final layer, we will be able to tell.

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The winner is the player who breaks the last block, they will receive a video on their device with some sort of secret information and its up to them to decide to share it with the world or keep it to themselves. To make this work, the cube is stored on a server upheld by 22 Cans, so you’ll see a lovely welcome screen every time you boot up the app and unfortunately you’ll see that screen quite a lot since the app likes to crash. It’s possible that since the app is running in real time connecting to the server that it just has issues keeping up. I’m using an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS6 update and the unexpected crashes deter from the overall experience. Although with Peter Molyneux, who knows if this too was a design decision. Overall the game is actually a good time waster if you’re a creature of habit . Tap tap tap, earn coins, tap some more. But if you’re looking for some more engrossing gameplay don’t bother, or maybe do since the app is free anyway, it’s not like you’ll feel buyers remorse.20121106 061919