Aug 03, 2017

Unexplored, the rogulite action RPG gets two new game modes in update

From Press Email:

Unexplored, the roguelite action rpg known for its unique dungeon generation, added two new game modes. Two exact opposites, to be precise. The Arcade Mode pits players against a ridiculous amount of enemies, whereas the Desolate Mode removes most combat.

The latter offers an experience where you really have to consider every encounter: do I attack or sneak past the creatures? Desolate mode is tense and suspenseful, Arcade mode is a hectic, kill-or-be-killed experience.

DLC: Mithril Run & Ripley Run

Beside the new play modes, Unexplored previously launched two DLCs which overhaul the gameplay in different ways: the fantasy-themed Mithril Run and the alien-themed Ripley Run. A third DLC will launch soon.

On Sale

Unexplored is currently on sale on Steam, offering a 20% discount and all DLC for free at 7.99 dollar or equivalent. Get the game on Steam here:

Devcom/Respawn Cologne

Unexplored’s composer and marketing lead, Matthijs Dierckx, will deliver a talk at the inaugural Devcom/Respawn game developers conference in Cologne: “Do Articles on PC Gamer help your Sales? Kotaku? Polygon?”