Dec 07, 2017

OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review

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Retails for: $249.99
We Recommend: $249.99
  • Developer: OPSeat
  • Publisher: OPSeat
  • Genre: Hardware, PC Gaming Chair

When OPSeat reached out to me to review this, I hadn’t ever considered these chairs before. Sure, I’ve seen them on streams and recorded videos, but I never thought much of it. I of course thought my office chair was more than sufficient for what I was doing in them. Without being hyperbolic, there is no way I’m going back standard office chairs for PC gaming again. The Master Series PC Gaming Chair sets a great first impression that never waivers, and most importantly has improved my posture and back pain. OPSeat is a company to put your attention towards, as they are watching your six with great comfort.

The OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair was simple to setup, but comes in a very large box weighing roughly 60lbs. Upon opening the box, I was given all the required tools to do it, and it only took about 20-30 minutes to complete. I did encounter some broken plastic, but I was able to easily fix it with superglue. Though, I believe that this is very much a rare occurrence, and not something the average purchase would encounter. Once it is put together, no matter the color you choose, the stitched logo looks great, both stylistically and in quality.

There’s an ejector seat-style handle for adjusting the back. There’s five wheels that branch out, and are wide for utmost stability. So it can even go completely horizontal into a make shift napping station. I’m not one that ever feels super safe. Though, having tried it, I never felt like I was going to fall back or that it was going to tip over. The sense of trust increased exponentially. There are two pillows, a neck and lumbar pillow that are very comfortable and support in an ergonomic way.

The armrests have a lot of mobility, they slide up or down, left or right, and even rotate in or out. Though, I do find it odd that the armrests aren’t padded like everything else – it is the stiffest thing in contrast to the softness and padding of everything else on the chair. Other maneuverability allows you to lock the chair in place so it doesn’t rock back and forth.

The OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair is made from breathable material. I did find that in some situations, it didn’t breathe as well as I would have liked, and I got hot – but that didn’t happen very often. I found that the long game sessions I sat through, I never felt fatigued or wanted to change positions. This is by far the most comfortable and ergonomic chair I’ve ever sat in. I also felt like wanting to sit back and keep my posture corrected.

The OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair is of extremely great quality, has a striking look, and has a great balance between being an office and gaming chair. While this bears a similar look to other gaming chairs out there, it is priced in a way that encourages you to go with OPSeat over others – and for good reason. At every opportunity where other chairs had failed me, or I didn’t trust them, the OPSeat delivered. The OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair should be your next chair purchase, and be worth every dollar.

A unit was provided by OPSeat for review purposes