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Aug 26, 2021

Arcade Challenge Mode comes to ASTRO AQUA KITTY as a FREE update for all platforms

From Press Release:

ASTRO AQUA KITTY is getting a new free UPDATE today – adding a classic side scrolling shoot em up style Arcade Challenge Mode!

  • Jump in your new ship and drop fast into the water filled planetoid called SNAXUS 5.
  • Blast your way through it’s depths and extract a special golden crate rumoured to be full of snacks!
  • Gain a better ranking by rescuing all missing recon cats.
  • Extra bonus award for finishing with no damage.
  • Unlock higher difficulty levels featuring extra enemies and hazards!

The free update is availabe for PSVita, PS4, Switch and Steam versions. The Xbox update should come around a week later.

As an added bonus the game is having a flash sale on the Switch eShop and Steam, at 25% OFF!

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Game soundtrack (by Mark Day and Cody Carpenter) –