Oct 07, 2021

Re-release of the classic action-adventure Blade of Darkness out now on PC via Steam and GOG

From Press Release:

London, UK (October 7, 2021) — The brutal and bloody action-adventure classic Blade of Darkness launches today on Windows PC via Steam and From publisher SNEG, this updated re-release provides players with the opportunity to get lost in the unique combat and RPG elements that helped pioneer the “soulsborne” genre. The original release in 2001 inspired many beloved games and was lauded for its viciously inventive combat mechanics and interactive, destructible environments. The re-release marks the first time Blade of Darkness is made available on Steam.

Blade of Darkness puts players in control of one of four playable characters, each with their own individual strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Each character requires a different approach to combat, as speed, style, and even height will factor into how best to hack and slash the hordes of enemies in their path. A unique dismemberment system allows players to tear foes to shreds and use their bloody body parts to create more carnage. This, paired with the sheer variety of foes and interactable objects, ensures that combat encounters will remain exciting throughout the entirety of the quest.

Retro-porting developers Fire Falcom and General Arcade have updated Blade of Darkness to modern standards, providing players with widescreen support up to 4K resolution, new display settings, Steam Achievements, and a whole host of quality-of-life and stability improvements.

Features of Blade of Darkness include:

  • Pick Your Champion of Ianna: Players can choose from up to four playable characters: Tukaram, the Barbarian; Naglfar, the Dwarf; Sargon, the Knight; or Zoe, the Amazon — each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and fighting skills.
  • Blood and Gore for DAYS: Not for the faint of heart, brave champions must learn devastating combo attacks and use them to slash their foes to ribbons and hack off limbs to use as weapons — who needs a legendary sword when an opponent’s femur will do the trick?
  • A Detailed & Dark Fantasy World: Vicious enemies abound the sinister terrain, eager to keep players from dispersing the chaos of the world. Battle orcs, trolls, golems, demons, skeletons, and scores of malevolent enemy creatures, and explore treacherous tombs, frozen fortresses, demon spires, deserts, temples, and palaces.
  • Demolition Man: Players can destroy in-game objects with fire or fists as they solve puzzles and disarm traps that combine physics, hydraulic systems, and lethal devices!
  • Modern Brutality: Blade of Darkness has been re-engineered to shine on modern PC hardware, including widescreen support up to 4K resolution, new display settings, and overall stability improvements. At the same time, the gameplay, content, and the story are untouched — featuring all the original game’s quirks and charm.

Blade of Darkness is available for purchase on PC via Steam and with a 20% off limited launch discount from a base price of 14.99 USD.