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Oct 25, 2021

Opportunity announced from Northgard developers, publishing the story of the rover who persevered on the red planet

From Press Release:

Bordeaux, France – October 25th, 2021 – Shiro Unlimited, the publishing label launched earlier this year by Shiro games (Northgard), has participated in Jeux Made in France with new details about their first game Opportunity.

This collaboration with French studio DIMANCHE CORP will launch in 2022, and can now be added to the wishlist on Steam here.  New screenshots of the game and the first trailer are also now available below.

Opportunity tells the story of NASA’s brave rover on its mission to Mars, inspired by the day the earth lost contact with it on the surface of the red planet. Sent there in search of signs of water or life, the mission was initially intended to last 90 days (but continued for 15 years)!

A title driven by exploration and poetry, Opportunity is an atmospheric narrative game where players will brave the many dangers that litter the desolate Red Planet to finally complete their mission. They will experience the beauty and loneliness of space as they control the famous rover.


  • Take control of NASA’s famous rover and embark on one final journey that will see you venture across every corner of the red planet 
  • Explore a variety of unique and vibrant low poly 3D landscapes
  • Adapt to new specific hazards unique to each zone you explore
  • Overcome a series of progressively challenging tasks and obstacles as you attempt to complete your mission
  • Upgrade and improve Opportunities capabilities with new modules and components found littered throughout the planet 
  • Learn more about all of the exploration programs that came before and since Opportunity as you scavenge for parts and clues
  • Utilise a minimalist interface, ensuring your attentions will always be squarely on your objective 
  • Immerse yourself with an entirely original, acoustic soundtrack that accompanies you in your travel

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The title has been created by French developers Dimanche Corp, who work on the Youtube channel La Développeuse du Dimanche. Lola Guilldou and Samuel Perottet are game developer vloggers, telling their stories and shining a light behind the development process. Last year they created Puppy Cross, a cute title that made its way into a lot of people’s hearts.

On top of Opportunity, Shiro Unlimited will also be publishing a management game in collaboration with OverPowered Team, a young indie game company from Madrid. This new partnership will be detailed during the event.

More information about Shiro Unlimited and Shiro Games’ next projects is available on their website here or their Twitter and Facebook.