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Oct 11, 2023

Mashinky, the transport strategy game about trains expands with FREE Airports & Airplanes Update including fully modeled interiors

From Press Release:

Mashinky – a transport strategy game from developer Jan Zelený on its own engine – is getting an expansion today “Airports & Aircrafts”, focused on air transport.

The strategy game Mashinky entered the early access program years ago as a single-player railroad building game. In those few years, it has come a long way and expanded not only from the original two historical eras to the current six eras, but over time it became a broader multiplayer transport strategy, including also road freight and bus transport and from today air transport.


Another of the series of updates for the game Mashinky brings to the game the possibility of building airports, including the construction of runways, taxiways, stands or airport buildings by individual tiles. Unique shapes of airports are thus created, from which the player can create stamps for easier reuse, or share the most successful designs directly with the community through the steam workshop.

The first airport, unlocked in the third historical era, is later replaced by a modern airport in the fifth era, so there will be no shortage of infrastructure for the accomodation of the first 17 aircrafts in this update, divided into 5 types and 4 cargos. More will come later. The players also have to maintain the surroundings of the airports so that the planes have ensured takeoff clearance. A new obstacles overlay, such as tall trees, buildings, or even hilly terrain, is added also in this update to help player in this task.


Aircraft movement is controlled by a new AI expansion in the game, allowing airplanes to travel across the airport, find a suitable runway and take off safely. The aircraft then navigates across the terrain to approach the destination airport, it can reserve a runway and land, or circle around if the airport is occupied. Every plane in the game requires a different length of runway, some also needs a modern type of airport and differences are not only in speed and cargo capacity, but also details like flight altitudes.

As for other transport vehicles, also planes can be controlled from the pilots position, but given their speeds, it is a rather challenging task :)

With air transport, several new quests have been added to the game, and some older ones can now also be completed using transport by air.

With this update, Mashinky moves closer to the release of the final 7th era, adding more content for road transport and the final version of the game is slowly coming.