Duck Game (Switch) Review

Jun 14, 2019

This game has a “quack” button. That is all, review over, buy the game now.

Rain World (Switch) Review

Jan 08, 2019

Rain World is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer that puts you in control of a creature called a Slugcat, a kind of strange but cutesy mollusk-mammal hybrid. As said slugcat, you are separated from the rest of your family and are trapped in the depths of a strange, hostile world left to fend for yourself and do your best to survive. This much is revealed to you by the game’s opening cutscene, presented as a set of vibrant, hand-drawn stills. When the game fades up from black after the cutscene ends, the world that greets you is of a decidedly different tone.

Pool Panic Review

Aug 03, 2018

Pool Panic is the most bizarre and wildly fascinating games I’ve played in a while. This should come as no surprise when you see the publisher is Adult Swim Games. But what’s really interesting is, is the sheer amount of things to do. Like Golf Story, it’s not really about pool, but does use elements of it as its basis for gameplay. While it doesn’t have the emotional depth of that game, it does have the gameplay depth of it. You play as a cue ball himself, and send yourself to different areas and knock balls into holes. While that’s the basics, the complex nature of each level’s own twists and turns is like a puzzle to be solved. ♫ He’s got the pool world, in his hands. He’s got the pool wide world, in his hands… ♫

Kingsway Review

Aug 04, 2017

Kingsway has been out for a few weeks at this point, and the word that’s been synonymous when describing the game is that it’s “clever”. That’s quite an apt one-word description for this game, but for the sake of not repeating what’s already been said, I’m going to call this game “ingenious”. Because it is. From the moment you fire it up to when you shut it off, it emulates the Windows 95 OS to give Kingsway a unique look and feel that makes total sense for a game, and doesn’t rely on being a software parody for its humor and reverence to land successfully. Kingsway is the most refreshing roguelite game I’ve ever played.