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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review

Dec 16, 2022

Relationships are important to have and maintain. They take a lot of work from all parties for it to be successful, whether it’s between friends or something romantic. Which is the exact reason I don’t want to have to cultivate and juggle all of them in Marvel’s Midnight Suns in order to maximize party potency. It’s a game that I wholeheartedly enjoy the combat for, but everything that exists outside of it feels like a chore. Firaxis is back with Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a turn-based tactics game where they can flex different muscles that isn’t about aliens and permadeath. It’s a surprisingly deep, complex, and varied game that is part RPG, part deck-builder, part tactics, and part relationship sim. The confluence of all these parts is actually what makes Marvel’s Midnight Suns so great, it’s a brilliant and fully realized game that goes beyond anything else in the genre.

XCOM 2 – New Mods: ‘Perk Pack’ and ‘Laser Pack’ from Long War Studios available in Steam Workshop

Jul 08, 2016

2K announced today that Long War Studios has developed two more free mods for XCOM 2, the “Perk Pack” and “Laser Pack”, which are available for download through the XCOM 2 Steam Workshop today.

XCOM 2 getting new add-on content titled Anarchy’s Children later this month

Mar 09, 2016

2K and Firaxis Games announced today that Anarchy’s Children, the first add-on content pack coming to XCOM 2, will be available on March 17th, 2016. Anarchy’s Children is included as part of the Reinforcement Pack which is $19.99, or can be purchased individually for $4.99.

XCOM 2 E3 2015 Preview

Jun 16, 2015

After seeing Battleborn, I was shuffled over to a well air-conditioned room to see XCOM 2 from Firaxis. And there are no surprises here, XCOM 2 is bigger and better.