HITMAN 2 Review

Dec 11, 2018

2016’s Hitman was my Game of the Year that year and with good reason, it was fun, you could get creative, and there was a lot to do. Hitman was labeled Season 1, teasing people of a Season 2 of content; none of that transpired. This was a blessing in disguise though, as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, they’ve all followed the same basic formula. Pick your loadout, travel to a location, track your target, and dispose of them. In the newer iterations of Hitman, this means as loudly or as silently as you’d like. You’ll score more points with a silent takedown of course, but the big fancy loud ones can be just as self-rewarding. It’s great that you can make this game as challenging as you’d like and still feel like the bad-ass assassin that Agent 47 is.