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Move or Die is a year old, and the free update “1 Year Adventure” is released alongside 50% off sale

Jan 24, 2017

Since the launch of the ultimate friendship ruining game, Move or Die has seen a number of fantastic content updates with loads of whimsical characters, creative new game modes, nerve-racking Mutator options, Twitch integration, and so much more. So, for the one year anniversary of Move or Die, the grand adventure of destroying friendships continues with the ‘1 Year Adventure Update’ available today on Steam.

Move or Die celebrates a Non-Denominational Winter Holiday soon

Dec 16, 2016

The merry minds of Those Awesome Guys are bringing season’s greetings the only way they know how – by adding more insane gameplay modes, highly requested features, and zany characters to Move or Die with the ‘Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Update’ launching December 20 on Steam. Major non-offensive features include: improved matchmaking online, highly-requested control remap options, and brand new Teamplay where players can pick to join one of the four teams (Blue, Yellow, Pink, or Green) to compete – er we mean, participate – in 2-versus-2, 2-versus-1 and 3-versus-1 matches.