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Jan 24, 2011

Please Do Not Turn Off Your Browser

Hello and welcome. So what is Saving Content? Well outside of being a dialogue box that you see in games when you hit a checkpoint or manually save – it’s a website about videogames. We are just two guys who love games, and want to provide something that people will enjoy. We will try to be different, independent, unique, and hopefully funny at times.

Let me break down the sections:

News: We will bring you the news as it happens about the things we care about, and that we think you’ll care about too.

  • Reviews: The platforms you see is about as diverse as we’ll get. Between the two of us, that’s as lot of coverage and we hope to bring you timely reviews. Hopefully around the time they hit the bargain bin. Kidding. Well, maybe.

Podcasts: We will try to do a podcast either every week or every couple of weeks. How about this, we will make sure that one podcast a month is out. Sound good? I thought so.

  • About: Want to learn the origin story of Saving Content? Want to game with the editors?? Click the About link at the top to gain that knowledge!

You’ll notice we don’t have a Previews section. I don’t want to cut and paste someone else’s preview, so until we get noticed and get our own hands-on it’s not going to be a part of this website. We aren’t trying to be the biggest thing in videogames, we do this for our own personal passion for games and our need to be silly.

So please, enjoy your stay and please get the word out about us. Thank you.