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Aug 27, 2021

Meet the Cleaners, all characters of Serial Cleaners revealed

From Press Release:

We have just released a brand new Characters Trailer for Serial Cleaners. Earlier though, we published four teaser-trailers introducing each and every one of our Serial Cleaners: Bob, Vip3r, Psycho and Lati.

Below, you will find information about each character, along with corresponding teaser-trailers.


Bob C. Leaner is the only character known from the game’s prequel: Serial Cleaner.

He’s the most senior of all four Cleaners, and acts as their mentor of sorts. A well-rounded character, his playstyle revolves around the slow and methodical approach, using the environment to hide and confuse the patrolmen, but when push comes to shove, Bob can quickly retreat by sliding over the pools of blood.

His music taste reflects his personality – he’s a fan of 70s jazz, soul, funk and R&B. Bob’s favorite artists include Idris Muhammad, Bill Withers and Don Cherry.



Erin Reed is the youngest of the crew. Despite the security of her direct surroundings, Vip3r’s life quickly became a mental rough-ride with a fair share of anxiety to deal with. Family conflicts, deep web diving, and relentless self-exploration (by whatever means necessary) ended up in a personal tragedy that led to her taking on a Cleaner role.

Her intellect and tech skills easily make up for her physical shortcomings. She can hack computer terminals and short circuit any wire-connected electrical device to get an advantage over the patrolmen.

Her favorite music includes The Prodigy, Goldie, and that one track from Blade.



Haldor “Psycho” Boen – his nickname pretty much sells it all. His life was always filled with blood and violence. For the longest time, it was the only language he spoke. But after dealing with the Fargo mob, he snapped, and eventually found his way to Bob’s crew. Cleaning crime scenes brings him his own kind of solace.

Psycho is rough, dirty and devoid of subtlety. He can’t hide as easily as Bob, instead he can knock out patrolmen, and carry them around. Along with the vacuum, Hal always carries his old, trusty chainsaw. Cutting dead bodies to pieces and throwing limbs around? That’s music to Psycho’s ears.

His favorite bands are: Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy.



Latisha Thomas is a recluse who tries to look after those close to her, too often against her better judgement. Composed, even after she was stood up by her friends. Her grit was noticed by Bob who quickly took her under his wing.

Unlike Bob, she prefers to hightail rather than hide. She uses surroundings to her advantage by jumping, climbing and pushing the obstacles.

She likes to do the cleaning listening to A Tribe Called Quest, De la Soul and Souls of Mischief.


Serial Cleaners, a sequel to Serial Cleaner, is a single-player stealth action crime story in which you alternate between playing four eccentric mob cleaners taking on the bloodiest jobs the carefree 1990s had to offer. If you remember the nineties differently, their dirty work is the reason why.

The sequel takes place over 20 years after the original game, in 90s New York City, so players can get ready for a healthy dose of nostalgia conveyed via Basquiat-style graphic design, as well as the era-inspired music composed by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, and a tongue-in-cheek story.

Serial Cleaners will be available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store as well as consoles in early 2022.

Players can now wishlist the game on PC platforms: