Scott Ellison II’s Top 10 Games of 2016

Dec 30, 2016

Meet the most annoying NPC everybody.

Hearts of Iron IV gets first major update since launch, named the “Sunflower Patch”

Sep 16, 2016

Today, Paradox Development Studios released the first major update for its hit World War II grand strategy wargame, Hearts of Iron IV. The “Sunflower Patch” is largely devoted to improving the game’s AI and user interface, as well as the usual changes to Hearts of Iron’s balance and historical database, plus a number of bug fixes.

Paradox Interactive announce sales numbers for their games, release time-limited DLC for Europa Universalis IV for free

Jun 21, 2016

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of grand strategy games, today announced that multiple titles from their recent catalogue have reached impressive new milestones for worldwide sales. Three games, all created by the publisher’s internal teams at Paradox Development Studio, have enjoyed highly successful launches and ongoing sales in recent weeks, thanks to Paradox’s dedicated community of players and their ongoing, long-term support for each game in their library.

Hearts of Iron IV Review

Jun 06, 2016

“War!”, says just one of many headlines that flooded the world as national powers entered the second world war in 1939. Now, Hearts of Iron IV‘s release date coincides with D-Day, where the U.S. deployed 160,000 troops onto the beaches of Normandy. Hearts of Iron IV respectfully allows you to take control of any country’s leader and take them through World War II, where success is achieved by outlasting your enemies and accumulating the most victory points when the war comes to a close. This has been one of the best strategy games that has a high learning curve like many Paradox games do, but with great, intuitive gameplay that is time well spent.

First Gameplay of Hearts of Iron IV shown off

Aug 11, 2014


Paradox also announced Hearts of Iron IV at #PDXCON

Jan 23, 2014

Hearts of Iron IV challenges players to face the brutal conflict of World War II in a multifaceted grand strategy game, where history can be fully relived or rewritten from the perspective of a global superpower attempting to change the world, or a small nation simply trying to survive.

Strategy fans will discover the most authentic real-time simulation of World War II to date, with authentic historical figures battling on land, sea, and air with period-accurate armies, vehicles, and newly discovered weapons of mass destruction – along with plenty of diplomatic and trade tactics.