Quicksave 035: Because Video Game

Jul 30, 2021

The new release drought continues but is starting to subside, and Scott is digging into SkyDrift Infinity (which is kind of new but also not), and there’s some excited discussion about new studio Neon Giant’s cyberpunk twin-stick shooter ARPG The Ascent. Evan has finally finished Final Fantasy VII Remake and we get into spoiler town to discuss the things that make the game great and the choices that could set future installments up for great success or major letdowns. There’s a ton of news to run through this week, starting with the #ActiBlizzWalkout, continued supply issues for gaming consoles and graphics cards, pre-orders of Panic’s Playdate going live, some PS5 beta firmware goodies, and our favorite things from the Annapurna Interactive showcase. Phew.

Quicksave 034: Cat Treat Maracas

Jul 23, 2021

It’s that dang July games drought, so this week we’re splitting the difference between games played and industry news, which there is absolutely ZERO shortage of. Scott shares his thoughts on Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition, and Evan has a Final Fantasy VII Remake check-in. We dive into hard into Valve’s new Steam Deck, chat up some hot new Elgato peripherals, there’s a Resident Evil Village patch to fix the DRM shenanigans, and Amazon’s New World MMO is frying video cards*. Also, a very exciting first email from somebody other than Saving Content’s own Ed Acosta!

*At the time of recording, only 3090s had reported issues, but now multiple models from Nvidia and AMD are confirmed.

Quicksave 033: Back in Your Earballs

Jul 16, 2021

After a week off, we have returned to tell you all of the things you need to know about video games! Seriously, if it’s important, we’ve got it covered. Scott’s been playing Boomerang X and F1 2021, and Evan has been discovering the joys of Arkane’s Prey (2017). We dig into some news with a freshness rating of “very fresh” to “looking a little stale”, and we’ve got a double header mail bag about the most contentious topic known to humankind.

Quicksave 032: Proto Edge Lord

Jul 02, 2021

Before diving into video games this week, we take some time to chat about the joys of moving house and the hot new theatrical release, F9! Eventually we meander our way over to the likes of competitive multiplayer games, and Scott’s new love affair with Yakuza 0 (much to Evan’s delight). Evan’s been checking out the No More Heroes remaster on Steam, and we review some news items from the past few days before sitting down and seeing just how well we really know each other. This won’t get uncomfortable at all.

Quicksave 031: Hella Rippin’ Guitars

Jun 25, 2021

We’ve barely recovered from the surprisingly overwhelming amount of news from E3 and we are back with a lighter, tighter, more focused package. Scott shares about his time with Aragami and Red Solstice 2: Survivors, and Evan has lots to say about FF7 Remake: Intergrade on the PS5. There’s brief discussion on Phantom Abyss, and a truly exciting new email fresh from the mail bag that has us back on our 90s sitcom nostalgia bullshit.

Quicksave 030: Cheetos and Mint

Jun 18, 2021

Scott and Evan sit down to talk about their week in video games, starting with impressions of Chivalry 2, the long overdue sequel to Torn Banner Studios’ breakout hit of *checks notes* 2012!? Scott’s been messing about with EXTREME-RANGE SNIPING in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, and it is not exactly his favorite one of these types of games. Evan’s been fully immersed in the world of RGG Studio, having finally wrapped up his Yakuza: Like a Dragon playthrough, and immediately moving on to also complete the also enjoyable Yakuza spinoff game Judgment. (You should probably play one of these games, just saying.) Finally, we veer into E3 coverage and talk about the announcements that have us the most hyped in a year where the release schedule is lighter than usual.

Send us some emails, ya punks! The mail bag is empty and moths are taking up residence. Send your questions to quicksave@savingcontent.com

Quicksave 029: The Temperature One

Jun 11, 2021

Scott has been playing one very bad game and one very good game and we bet you won’t be able to tell which is which! Listen to him talk about Open Country and NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection to play along and test your wits! Evan’s spent some more time with Stonefly, which he’s enjoying but is rapidly upstaged by his gushing about Powerwash Simulator. Scott breaks down all of the big Battlefield 2042 announcement details, and we share our favorite highlights from the Summer Game Fest Kickoff. ALSO SEND US SOME DANG EMAILS ALREADY.

Quicksave 028: Lots of Balls Being Thrown at You

Jun 04, 2021

Scott’s back on that Astro Aqua Kitty jam now that it’s out on Steam and guess what, he still likes it! Scott has also played a whole lot of Warzone with the shiny new John Rambo and John McClane cosmetic items and we talk about the merits of the various styles of Battle Royale offered up by Warzone and Apex Legends. Evan’s sampled Stonefly, the new very chill forested action adventure title from Flight School Studio, and he’s revisited FEZ on the Switch, one of his greatest gaming loves of all time. We dip into Knockout City, the new dodgebrawler from EA, break down some gaming news and announcements from the past week, and finally end on an email that results in discussion that would have been great fodder for Jack Thompson and Joe Lieberman alike maybe fifteen years ago. Sorry fellas, you had your chance!

Quicksave 027: Tug of Winch

May 28, 2021

Scott’s been getting in deep with BIOMUTANT and despite what you may have heard, he thinks that game is pretty alright! Evan has some wrap-up thoughts on Resident Evil Village and we get into big time spoiler territory so watch out if you haven’t played yet and want to save the big turns for yourself. Both of the guys have tried out the fun yet easily broken enigma that is Hood: Outlaws & Legends, and all is not well in Nottingham Forest. Finally we wrap up with some quick fire news items about Phantom Abyss, the Unreal Engine 5 technical demo, Uncharted 4‘s imminent PC release, and some late breaking but very solid Nintendo Switch “Pro” rumors, and finally things wrap up with a short trip to the mail bag.

Quicksave 026: Be Fit For The President

May 21, 2021

This week on Quicksave, Evan is rocking a new keyboard with switches that might be too fancy, and he’s played a whole lot of Resident Evil Village and has a big spooky castle full of thoughts about it. Scott’s been playing the PC release of Days Gone and shares his impressions, along with his take on SnowRunner, the follow up to MudRunner (the follow up to SpinTires). There’s some rare breaking news about a brand new TimeSplitters game being announced, we dig into Elite Dangerous’ newest expansion, Odyssey, and then we take a trip to email town to reminisce about our favorite weird video game accessories.

Quicksave 025: Some Asshole Space Whale

May 14, 2021

This week on our TWENTY FIFTH EPISODE, Scott’s been playing the hex’ed up 3X city builder Before We Leave, both of the guys cannot put down Arenas mode in Apex Legends, except for when Evan can’t tear himself away from Judgment on the PS5. This is rather timely given the announcement of its upcoming sequel, Lost Judgment, which is just one of the several news items discussed along with Ubisoft’s future F2P plans, all-but-certain upcoming Battlefield 6 announcement, and the also soon to be released RTX 3080 Ti from Nvidia.

Quicksave 024: 5000 Whatever the F*** Bucks

May 07, 2021

Scott’s got a pocketful of games to chat up this week, including the PC port of Skate City, the old favorite Mad Max, and the new old business Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony, a fan-created original Wolfenstein campaign running in GZDoom. Evan’s got his Monster Hunter “Minute”, and some thoughts on Judgment for the PS5 and why it might be his favorite Yakuza series entry. The guys also dig into Apex Legends’ Legacy update, the Resident Evil Village demo on PC and what the implications are for the game on that platform, and some Sony-related news. Finally, after we pay our respects to Giant Bomb’s departing staff, we settle in for the Ultimate Snack Bracket Spectacular, a face-off of snack foods for the ages.

Quicksave 023: The Battle of Watercress Sandwich

Apr 30, 2021

Buckle up, buckle up, buckle up! The show is in FINE form this week. Scott played lots of the Chivalry 2 closed beta and has much to say, and possibly even more to say about the much maligned Fast & Furious Crossroads. Evan has been dabbling with parts of the PS4’s legacy catalog, while also making time for the Resident Evil Village Castle demo, and of course, the Monster Hunter Rise update. We’ve got some brief chit chat about recent gaming news, and we dive into our impressions of Hazelight’s previous co-op focused title, A Way Out.

Quicksave 022: More Books Gets You Closer to a Personal Pan Pizza

Apr 23, 2021

Scott kicks things off talking through his experiences with two games that aren’t bad but also aren’t great, Crash Dive 2 and MogoGP 21. Evan has some follow-up thoughts on Oddworld Soulstorm (and why it probably isn’t for him), and both of the guys have a whole lot to say about Capcom’s timed demo strategy for Resident Evil Village (spoilers: we think it’s super dumb). Then it’s off into news and current events land where the discussion explores Sony’s recent missteps with the PS3 and PS Vita marketplaces, the recent incident of Grinding Gear Games dealing with an internet troll levying false claims while pretending to be a disabled gamer, and we explore the nuance of some remarks about supporting games financially from John Garvin (director of Days Gone and Syphon Filter). It’s Big Takes Week on Quicksave, so buckle up for a lot of impassioned discussion.

Quicksave 021: You Want a Platinum Medal, Don’t You?

Apr 16, 2021

Saddle up for another week of Quicksave. Scott’s been catching up on his backlog with Aqua Astro Kitty and The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark. Evan’s got Oddworld: Soulstorm impressions and he STILL can’t put down Monster Hunter Rise (which is getting to be a problem). The guys share final thoughts on It Takes Two, and discuss some highlights from this week’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase.